Well what a month its just been. Felt like the longest month I have ever lived through. COVID-19 has brought us into a completely different direction. When this virus isolating was first brought into effect in Australia the entertainers were the first to take the bullet. Within 24hrs my life like many other entertainers’ lives had changed. I remember getting email after email of rejections for gigs I had locked in as far as September. This restriction the government had brought in had put a stop to all gigs for all entertainers in a heartbeat. One thing I need when doing my gigs is people and without people there is no gig. As a full time entertainer, I rely on paying my bills with the gig money I make. The one thing I say to anyone reading this, is support your entertainers as we need you, and now is the time we need you the most.
So where now?
As a business owner there is only one way for me to go, and that is through. Being ex-military, I was close friends with mates in the Special Air Services and one thing we used to banter is ‘improvise, adapt and overcome,’ these were strong words used in very difficult situations. And this now is what I would call a difficult situation. Its time to adapt to the current situation and improvise with what resources we have at our fingertips. For many this change will feel difficult and unknown, but we need to evolve in order to survive. Once we do this, we then can overcome this situation and move forward. Maybe this might take a different direction? Maybe things will never fully be the same again? Either way as an entertainer we need to move forward and bring joy to many people’s lives, and more so now than ever.

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