Often, I am asked if I enjoy entertaining children more than adults. And to be honest, I enjoy both forms of magic equally.
I am, what you would call, an ‘all rounder’. The fact I perform all sorts of magic, from children’s backyard birthday parties to stage illusions, fire manipulation to high end corporate events makes me a unique entertainer.
I love entertaining people regardless of their age, culture, gender or level of English. I have adults eagerly watching my kids’ shows – laughing at the top of their lungs at the tom foolery I present. On the other end of the spectrum, I love seeing children with parents watching a stage illusion show designed for adults (my adult illusion shows are always family-friendly).
Often, I will use the same props for both children and adults with the same outcome…..wonder. However, I will adapt some of the routine, language and processes, I call this differentiation. Being such a diverse performer keeps me fresh, it keeps my energy high and this energy is so infectious. I could never see myself just doing the one routine for the one age group, this would drive me insane. The audience may be fooled with an illusion, but you can not trick a person into believing your hearts in the routine, if it’s not. The day my passion becomes a job, that’s the day I stop.
I also love pushing my boundaries – my limits. I love trying new ideas, new routines and new magic. I love stepping outside my comfort zone. That’s where the real magic happens!
Really, at the end of the day, we are all kids at heart and therefore I really am entertaining adults through their inner-child. And as for children, well they are a hard audience to fool! They are very observant and honest! I am sure every parent knows exactly what I mean! That’s when you have to be sharp and come up with the alternate finish to that trick and really wow them. They do make you work for their respect. If you can fool a child, then you can fool anyone.

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