It’s always a sheer joy to perform for people of all ages and backgrounds. Then every so often I have the pleasure of entertaining celebrities such as these two sporting celebrities Alex Glenn and Jeff Horn.
Do these sporting celebs enjoy magic, to be tricked?
Well the answer is easy. Yes, they do. They are just like anyone else. In fact, did you know that Jeff Horn himself likes to practice and perform magic. When I went to his home and entertained both him and his wife Jo it was then I realized he had a passion for the art. Jeff was pretty clued on with some of the moves I was making and had a pretty sharp eye as one does in the industry. But like any good sport he didn’t let his wife know how it was done and kept the magic going. Did you also know that Jeff uses the term “misdirection” in the use of his sport boxing and likes to keep his opponent two or three steps behind his next move. Be it sport or the magic industry it was fascinating to know that misdirection (the action or process of directing someone to the wrong place or in the wrong direction) can be used in different industries.
As for Alex Glenn the captain of the Brisbane Broncos was also mesmerized by my skills in magic not once, but on two different occasions whilst we both attended the Grand Prix Mazda Aspley. My aim with Alex was to totally wow him on the second occasion as he already was wowed the first time with the appearing x on his hand. Time and time again this performance has not only wowed viewers and participants but leaves them wanting more.
So again, it’s always fun performing for celebrities as an added treat. So, who will be the next sports celeb to step up and be amazed?
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