Are you wanting to add something unique and yet very entertaining for your next event be it a private birthday party, end of year formal (very popular) or public event. Then why not try comedy hypnosis by Drace. No events are to small or too big as this can be performed literally even on a moving boat. Guaranteed to have your guests laughing out loud. All shows can be customised to have a footballer be afraid of a football to a teacher not being able to count. Or maybe having your boss give you a pay rise or promotion (just kidding). The imagination is the limitation here folks.

Drace has formal qualification in hypnosis and knows how to wow the hardest crowds bringing everyone together.

  • Not to be used with children 1 – 7 years old.
  • Can be tailored to be a family friendly show, moderate to adult only.
  • No stage required, no special lighting needed.
  • Can supply sound gear and chairs if required for a small fee.
  • Recommend that the event have at least x30 people and more. This is to ensure people get up on stage and not just one or two out of x10 people.
  • Can travel around Australia if requested.
  • 100% safe. Only side effect is sore ribs from laughing.
  • Can also use this entertainment to package it with my other services.

Regular performer at Fearaphobia Australia’s only Halloween dedicated scream park.

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