One thing that COVID-19 has brought to us all is change. And one thing that was on the cards (no pun intended) was bringing magic to the homes of children everywhere. If I was unable to bring joy and wonder to children in person, I was to bring the magic and wonder to their computers. But not just show magic, but also create magic with them so that they themselves could became little magicians at home and entertain their friends and family. Keeping young minds active during these difficult and different times was a must. What a lot of people overlook with magic is the raw marvel that it brings. No, I am not speaking of the wonder in the magic itself but rather the back end of the magic, the mechanics and mental challenges that the magic brings to create a healthy balance of cognitive thinking and fine motor skills.
There are so many benefits in learning magic.
• Builds self-confidence
• Develops creativity and problem-solving skills
• Improves public speaking & presentation skills
• Make new friends
• Entertain friends and family
• Fabulous hobby
• Therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes

These benefits after some time of learning magic can have results in.
1. Eran better grades and success at school.
2. Receive invitations to many parties.
3. Make new friends.
4. Become better readers and critical thinkers.
5. Improve their public speaking skills and confidence.
6. Improve their fine motor skills which can help with writing.