Often, I am asked to tailor a magic performance by adding something a little extra…. something amazing. The great thing about these requests is that I can deliver that exact thing my clients are wanting or needing for their event. This doesn’t just apply to kids’ parties…… it applies to large events, corporate functions and weddings. Pretty much anything you can imagine; I can work with you to deliver. I have always stated that your imagination is your limitation.
Recently, a mum hired my services for her six-year-old son’s birthday party. Her boy was fascinated with fish – pretty much anything to do with fish. His wonderful mother told me that she would love to have a fish-themed party and asked if I could make a fish appear. Now for some, making a fish appear at first thought seems simple and straight forward. Just have the kids distracted and throw a goldfish into a bowl lol. Well making a small living creature appear, must be humane and 100% safe for the fish. I have the upmost respect for animals, for their safety and comfort. Anyone who has kids around this age or has ever entertained kids of this age group knows that are not silly, not at all. Children watch with intensity.
To feed you some more food for thought, I recently performed a show for a group of 9 year old girls. I started with age-appropriate magic and illusions and ended up changing my routine halfway through started performing adult magic. The girls were so intrigued and mature for their age, that I needed to up the ante and they LOVED it!
But, back to the goldfish. I was able to tell the mother that not only could I make a live goldfish appear. But also would make it appear in her child’s hand in full view of the audience. I would love to also thank Global Magic Shop for their assistance in props for this. I went a step further and made an empty bowl of water magically fill with several fish before everyone’s eyes. See, this was not only creating a great experience for the guests at this party, but it was a challenge for me…which I LOVE! It’s not just creating an illusion or trick. Its much more. Its about allowing those who see my performances as children, grow up or have kids of their own, and search for that wonder again. That’s repeat business!
Magic is wonder and wonder is timeless.

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