T’is the season to be……. busy.
Firstly, let me say Happy New year for 2020 and I hope you all had a great start to a fresh new year.
As a full-time entertainer, I certainly can say that the silly season was, in fact, just that. I was fortunate enough to perform at more functions than ever this Silly Season – mainly corporate functions and private parties from November and December. And just like that the entertainment industry booms! In fact, it can be pretty intense, if you are a business owner and the product you are selling is ……you.
But one thing I hear and see a lot of this time of year is price hikes for customers. What I see other entertainers doing, is bumping up their prices over the Christmas period and charging exhortation prices for corporate and private clients who, for whatever reason, book with short notice. Is it fair to bump up prices on a customer knowing they have booked late, knowing they have no other entertainer to fill the spot? I loudly say NO!
I can say with hand on heart that I gained a lot of work and respect over the Christmas season because I maintained consistency with my prices all year round. Yes, sure prices go up in line with the health of the economy but adding on hundreds of dollars to a quote because it is Christmas, in my opinion is something good old Scrooge himself would do.
I hear the incredible and ridiculous prices being quoted by other entertainers and I cringe. How can they? You can rest assure that here at Smart Artz Entertainment, we are a family business and hold family values. Never accept the first offer, get at least 3 quotes and ask the entertainer exactly what you are getting for you money. Are you getting enough bang for your buck? If not, get another quote.
Get quotes, look at show reels, check reviews (current) and don’t settle for anything less for your magical day.
Remember you are worth it, it’s your special day.

Art Concealed In Art