Get to Know Drace Illusionist


Drace is one of South-East Queensland’s most sought-after and diverse entertainers in Australia.

With five decades of experience in magic, and over 10 years of excellent five-star service as an owner-operator of Smart Artz Entertainment. He has always employed professional entertainment to all.

Drace is one of two Sensory illusionists in the world, with an arsenal of skills in close-up, parlor and stage illusions, comedy hypnosis, mentalism, and escapology.

Drace has a background as a master clinical hypnotherapist and Author of “The Wild Journey” and more.

Drace first discovered his love of magic at six. By the time he was thirteen years old, he had been on national TV performing magic. Fourteen he was performing as a child at children’s birthday parties for payment. He later worked at one of Australia’s largest theme parks in Queensland Australia as a resident magician before heading over to the United States of America where he further entertained at the Magic Castle and escaped from a strait jacket at Alcatraz Island in San Francisco.

Over the years Drace has entertained millions of people through television to live performances. There has never been a job too small or too big he has not been able to wow, from family children’s birthday parties to adult VIP corporate events.

Drace has three values: Family, Friendly & Fun

Drace also believes in delivering entertainment that brings wonder, and if you open up to that wonder, you allow joy in your life.

Joy brings happiness for a lifetime of memorable memories of your special day.

We may biologically get older, but the inner child lives in us all.

Want Drace to create magic at your next event?